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Monday, April 28, 2008

Not so blue Monday

This morning I didn't wake until 8:04...the trick was that Kedj had closed my bedroom door so that our "children" did not rush in to greet me with bouncing on my feet and whispering slobbery sweet nothings into my ear. Kedj took our little Princess Lily out for a brisk two milw walk through the neighbrhood while dear old man Bobby rested serenely on his bouncy chair in the sun, on the patio. This I was told because I was still fast asleep behind my closed door.

We had breakfast, me at the patio table and Kedj and the doggies on the swing in the sunshine. We wear sun visors. because the morning sun blasts in from the east through all the greenery to the west. Freckles even tilted the awning on the swing to shield some of the blaze from our faces. At first I wondered at this maneuver...afterall Shawn had built a very substantial gazebo type covering. It is beautiful, and the wisteria already has wrapped itself around the NE post and is slithering across the top. I was wishing those lovely purple blooms would hand down through, but I guess I'll have to wait until next year. Do you remember the lovely patio cover our dear brothers Ray and Ernie built for us at Jennifer? The wisteria sure did its thing there. Evidently the new owners took it down because the dropped blossoms made a mess in the pool. Incidentally, that old house has a new room added on the west end next to the kitchen and dining room. Also it has been restoned with a pretty blue concoction. All my "grandchildren" trees have been removed. There is a driveway along the west of the property for parking their RV.

Last Spring when Kedj and I drove up north for Jim and Gen's anniversary party we just happened, no, made a point of visiting our old neighborhoos in San Leandro. Duffy's is still there, but I guess all his recipes went with him when he passed away. Our house on Broadmoor is now painted a lovely apple green with white trim. The garage also is newly painted. Those old walnut trees bit the dust. What used to be our kitchen is now a huge Grandma bedroom, convenient because it is right next to the little bathroom. Next to it towards the back yard is a new modern kitchen that is accessed through a door that used to be a window at the end of the family room. Everything is manicured...even has a wrought iron gate at the front of the driveway instead of the broad redwood one I had fashioned with a wheel on the bottom because it was so heavy. The front yard is lush (I think they have a gardener). Of course, the lower branches of that ancient deodar cedar have been trimmed. It still spreads across our whole width (50') and across our neighbors yards too. Those old camellia bushes stand like sentinels on either side of the yard, are blooming their full heads off. The new owners graciously took us in to see what appeared to be a model for a fashion magazine. The whole house is hardwood floors. It was furnished elegantly in a traditional style. Gone is the separate tub and shower room, it is now all one great big room.

Our drive through the town was eerie in the fact that everything looked so small. Kedj did take time to go throuh her old schools, Bancroft and HS.

Back to today. It is a delicioyus feeling to have the table cleared, kitchen cleaned up and makings for super started in the oven. I had put together ground pork and ground beef, an egg, chopped onion, bread crumbs and Worcesterswhire sauce for meatloaf. Overnight it kept cold in the frig. This morning I took it apare to make meatballs. I suddenly came to my senses that the two of us did not do a whole meatloaf and it's not exactly a companay meal. So now the meatballs are partially cooked (in the oven), are cooling to be ready to be packaged in our sized portions, for the freezer from which they can turn into: Swedish meatballs, Spaghetti and, Stroganoff, etc, etc.

I'm feeling pretty good this morning. My lower back aches a little bit, but that too will pass when I get to moving around a bit. Guess I should get some more Glucosamine Chondriton. If our President takes it, it must be good enough for me.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Do you remember when all the ladies came to meeting wearing hats? Do you remember when only the senoritas in Spain and Mexico wore mantilla's with high combs? Do you remember that that was an indication of Catholicism?

Not so very long ago there was a family of three girls and a boy. Their father insisted that they attend mid week meetings, no matter what! The oldest one came after a late class,to prayer meeting without a hat (horrors of horrors) but fashioned a covering with paper towels and bobby-pins. I thought that was a great idea. No so father! He ranted and raved and said emphatically "the bible says hats." Not so meek daughter replied: "does it?" 'Nuff said...we wear a covering because of the angels...

Yesterday our lovely lady wore a gift from her granddaughter...a bright dark blue feathered creation with just a hint of bright orange peeking out here and there. She called it an "antique" from HRH's collection. JLG tried it on for it matched her dress too. We continued on with conversation as to what hat goes with thick hair, and what kind of hat goes with thin hair...not sure we came to any conclusion.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Creeping, crawling

My speed has diminished. My steps are faltering. My balance was left by the wayside. I am happy. I am satisfied. I am blessed. I have never been in want. The Lord has always provided. There are many things I can do...not the least of which is writing. In my purse I keep a notebood, about 5"x6" and in it I jot down thoughts I need to expand at a later time. You know, things like Sleigh Rides snuggled under woolen blankets, riding with new snowflakes that tickled my nose. I can still hear the horse clop, clop along in soft, fresh powdery snow, snorting steamy breath. He wore little bells on his harness that tinkled on our way. Then there was the stop for hot chocolate with marshmallows and donuts. Yes, I can still smell that cocoa.

I don't know why I'm thinking of snow. This morning the four of us, Kedj, Bobbie, Lily and I sat out on our swing and watched the birds. We'd moved the swing from the patio to the front of our little garden where we have the pavers. Kedj has placed a row of the scalloped edging stones flat along the pavers. This makes it just wide enough for my walker. We were able to get a narrower wrought iron type glider and new cushions for the patio. Of course we did all this before my hospital bill came...from a collection agent yet. I hadn't even received a bill for my stay in July. At any rate, they waived the interest and agreed that I could pay $100 a month. The Lord is good! By telephone I arranged to have the little that is left of my old IRA transferred to my account at WAMU. Heath, the fellows who are now wearing orange jumpsuits in jail sure messed up everything for lots of Hemet senior citizens. We're doing just that the nice weather is here I spend a lot of time in our extended home outside. It seems we have the space of a mansion. Now that it is already Saturday, we have compiled our list of weekly chores/errands. I've had my coffee (Kedj always makes it first off) so I'm ready for breakfast. I'm having poached egg on spinach, ww toast and some cantaloupe balls.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Yes I know I used their instead of there.

Happy Monday

This is the day I usually rest up from the week-end. I know, I should spread out the activity. Both on Saturday Morning and today I had ventured out to go to the swing under the wisteria trellis. Garage Door had helped Kedj move the swing to the trellis so we could install our new glider on the patio...(just happens to match our black mesh chairs). Anyway, while Mr. and Mrs. Dove sat on their nest along the chimeny to the inside fireplace, watching, a pair baby doves sat on the swing in the sunshine. Lily was upset by the cooing noises, but was unable to locate the little guys. Their opalescent gray feathers blended right in with the fawn gray striped swing cushions.

When we got home from meeting yesterday, only Bobbie was their to greet us. We separate the dogs. Bobbie in my room and Lily in the kitchen area. We leave the sliding patio door open just enough to allow doggie access. Once before, Lily had escaped...she dug out under the fence and bushes to the front yard. That time she was just lolligaging around close to the front door. Kedj had dutifully place big rocks at the base of the fence, except one spot she piled up dirt on top of the rocks. Yep, Lily is a digger. We found a note pinned to our screen door telling us that they had Lily on their patio. Good thing we had bought a heart medallion to put on her collar that had her name, address and telephone number. Kedj went to the neighbor to retrieve the runaway. Unbeknownst to her the little black pooch slipped out, scampered away, and was returned by another friendly neighbor. Garage Door stayed for lunch yesterday. He piled more rocks (I seem to have an endless supply) against the bases of the fence all around. Lily only tries this mischied when we are both gone.

I'm almost finished the collection of recipes for Knittery to put into booklet form. I'm working on salads from way back during the depression. So far only Tara has responded with her choice. Anybody our there in cyberland have any requests?

Even though I have my bed made and the kitchen back in order, I'd better get back to finishing some writing. I have letters to write too. Only then will I venture back to knitting finishing. I have a big plastic in the bottom of my closet calling me. It is filled with "alost done" projects.

Friday, April 04, 2008


Acts 2:17--And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams...and I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke: The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord and it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

And it shall come to pass...

My great-grandson in Marysville has wonderfully accepted the Lord. He is only 4 years old. Already he is trying to show his almost 3 year old brother the way. But, sadly, said brother just turns away. How frustrating.

Just why are we left here in this scene? What job do we still have to do? Are we ready and willing to respond to that soon coming shout?

This morning I felt very noble, pleased with myself, because my bed has been hastily made and I actually cleaned up the kitchen before I sat down at the computer to read my mail, comment on blogs, and to send a few messages to my family.

I thought surely we would have rain today as my there were twinges in my lower back last night. Two Tylenol at bedtime fixed the situation. I slept well and am ready to go up, or just to keep on keeping on.

I'm trying to submit to Knittery the old time recipes from my childhood, you know, those we used during the Great Depression. I didn't know we were really poor. We were happy because we had each other. Also, my Dad and Mother always had a garden. Dad planted and cultivated. Mother canned and canned. Gratefully, Uncle Hoss had a small grocery store and often advanced necessities like flour and sugar and salt. My gramma made butter by shaking in a quart jar, the top cream from the milk bottle. This was before everything was homogenized. Most of my children have asked for a favorite recipe from their childhood memories. So, that is my next project, starting right now.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Whoo Hoo...I did it again. A very nice Wednesday Morning Blog has disappeared into never-never land.

I'll just ask those of you out there who remember childhood food fancies to let me know so I can include the recipes for Knittery to put into our family cookbook.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fool's Day?

Good Morning All...What a way to start the month...we had breakfast at Seven Hills. A real bargain for we had two eggs, toast, hash browns and all the coffee we could drink for only $2.99. That means Kedj and I both can eat for just over $6. I guess there are places that charge that much for only a hamburger. Last Saturday we did splurge...there is just no way we can do sushi and sashimi at home. We do know how, and do have the mat to roll it in, also the seaweed laver, but we don't keep on hand the vinegared rice nor the crab. Just for lunch it was almost $30. We did enjoy it, the sashimi, especially the green tea ice cream. Saturdays I usually try to have a substantial breakfast before we take off on our jaunt.

This week we drove out to Corona to a liquidation bankruptsy sale at a patio furniture warehouse. In the ad they promised up to 95% off some items. We had seen a two-seater glider we thought we wanted for the patio. That way we could move the swing down under the gazebo. Alas, the mini gliders had been sold, so we went away empty handed. Could have bought some bouncy chairs for $75 each but decided we already had enough chairs. We stopped at Home Depot on the way home and found just what we needed, that matched the metal mesh on the two chairs we already had. Then because cushions were on sale that day, we got a big white magnolia print on a pretty yellow green fabric for our plain chair and our bouncy chair, and the new glider. (The bouncy chair is the one that has sunshine all day long and is where Bobby sleeps). He loves the warmth of the sun. At night he sleeps right in front of our little space heater in my bedroom.

Now for the good news. My great-granddaughter, Rapunzel, has asked to be baptized.
And my great-grandson in Marysville has happily accepted the Lord. Hallelujah!

This is prom and wedding season so Kedj is really busy at work. She packs a salad every morning because she has a few extra pounds to shed. She and her like short friend in Shadow Hills weigh the same and both think they need to get rid of 10 pounds. We'll see who wins.

Now is time to get to some letters. I really struggle with hand written notes because the computer is so much easier.

All because of Calvary,