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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grey Gramma's Bobby

snuggled in the corner of his bed

clipped neat and clean, not stylish

found the patio after relieving himself

Then to the water dish

Four teeth

smelled spilled kibble and cleaned it up

cuddled inside my robe while we rocked in the glider

even put his head on my shoulder

licked my nose

Gobbled down several mouthsful of kibble

Back to the security of his bed behind the wing chair

what was his history

why does he have a lump on his ribs?

broken? mistreated? sore right shoulder, arthritis?

alpha dog gets to eat first

early bedtime, yet barks in anxiety

Is it for widdle, water, kibble?

used to lie across my lap when I was reading

now needs help to get up and down.

cloudy cataracts

hearing gone

smells Freckles as she whishes by

Feels the vibrations of her walk

Needs her closeness

his adoption

foster parent

down the hall and up into Freckles lap

we were gonners

happy, perky, skittery

slowed down, now rides for morning and afternoon walks

head peaks out from satchel unless cold


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