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Monday, February 16, 2009


Two weeks ago, we had a Dickens of a time! I guess that is really a minced oath so I won't say it. But, we did have a Dickens time. The city of Riverside obligingly closed off the streets downtown by the library and the spirit of Victoria reigned. Everyone joined in wearing their ideas of Victorian garb. We could not tell which were visitors and which were the characters from Dicken's picturesk books. Vendors lined the streets with their wares under tent-like contraptions. (They had had rain last year too). Four sided jobs with roll down flaps and a roof that rose to a peak. Everything from cameos to lace shawls, hats to sweaters, necklaces and leathergoods, fish and chips, Korean fare, tuxedos, agatae night lights, funnel cakes and yakitori were available. We, the three young ladies from Hemet and Pollyanna from LA had reservations with Freckles and me to indulge in the Victoria Tea. It was "high tea" and the basement room in one of one of the churches bordering the promenade and festivities. There was no ramp, so getting down the steps took some maneuvering by grabbing hold the sturdy iron railing. Our reservation was at table "0" in the furtherest corner, right next to the piano and the stage. Mop capped servers kept us well supplied tea (very good tea in fact). Each of us was served with cucumber sandwiches, scones, dark bread crammed with nuts and raisins, little cakes, and a gold foil wrapped chocolate candy. On the table were lemon slices and clotted cream and jam. During the repast three revelers provided song and somewhat of a dance, fancy steps anyway. Outside, old Scrooge shuffled from one end to the other in his nightcap and nightshirt carrying his snuffed out candle while mumbling "Bah Humbug. This added authenticity to the atmosphere. We also had Clan Gordon Troops with their bagpipes accompanying the color guard who raised the Union Jack (?) before the pagentry got underway. I think some sang "God Save the Queen" when she (a nicely rounded short dumpy lady) and her entourage entered the scene. I also vaguely aremember hearing "Rule Britannia" and some other sea chanties. A juggler took his place on the sidelines, made his bowler hat walk up his arm and plop onto his head. Also a street magician did his thing on the Library steps. When it started to rain and hail, several of us took cover in said library. Perhaps it was true, perhaps just quick thinking on the part of the head librarian, she called out for evacuationnn of the premisis because she said she smelled smoke. That sure got rid of the crowd in a hurry. Up and down the area wandered a redheaded curly man on high stilts wearing a kilt and wooly sox covering the wooden extensions of his legs. There were story-telling booths, short excerp performances by Dicken's characters. We missed some of these because the seats were situated in the rain. This did not seem to dampen any of the happy attidude of visitors. While we wandered, Pollyana took advantage of the expertise of the vendor and made a bonnet to match her lime green outfit. This was a gown sewn by her mother to fit in with a former high school presentation in early English Literature. The girls took turns helping Freckles push my wheel chair. It was handy not only to help me get around, but also a place to hang purses, etc. I took a nap in the car while the rest took a tour of the Mission. They were impressed with the grandeur and embellishments. Of course, it was a long hard day, and I turned in very tired and very happy that night.



  • If you want to edit your pieces ask Kedj how to get to your dashboard to do that. It really is easy. and you won't lose anything already written because you have published it. Keep up the writing. It's great to hear of your "adventures"!

    By Blogger knitterykate, at 4:01 PM  

  • I'll be mailing you a copy of our Family picture shortly. Our new printer puts out some wonderful quality prints.

    By Blogger ioi, at 10:34 PM  

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