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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Today is the Lord's Day and we had that precious priviledge of remembering Him (our Lord Jesus Christ) and His death for us. It was solemn and happy too! I get real live goose bumps racing up and down my spine when I dare to consider how much He loves me and that He would have gone through that ordeal of humiliation, separation and pain, even if I were the only human being on the planet. From the chorus of one of our hymns "O, how He Loves."


  • The subject of the humilation of our Lord is extremely deep. We don't realize how far down He really went just to redeem us to God. Not only did He become a Man, bypassing angels (humiliation #1), He came to the lowliest of peoples - the Jews (humiliation #2). He wasn't born into the richest family but one of the poorest of the Jews - indicated by the two turtledoves for their offering (humiliation #3). He lived a life of poverty - He had no coin to pay the taxes but got one from the fish and no where to lay His head (humiliation #4) He was spit upon and beaten for no reason (humiliation # 5-10000). He didn't die a dignified death either, but one of crucifiction (humiliation #10001) I'm sure there are many more.

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