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Saturday, December 20, 2008

errand day

Wow!! I had a really good sleep last night I had stopped taking LUNESTA three nights ago and was experiencing eye opening to check the clock every hour on the hour. Last night was great...I slept from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. with only one wake up talking in my sleep. Freckles came in and gave me a hug and gave me fresh from the refrigerator water because what I was saying was that I was very thirsty. After a few sips I was fine and drifted right back to sleep. Many of my pills say "may cause dry mouth" and they sure do.

I'm still in my nightie and must get dressed warmly for outside, our trip to the appropriate banks, the fabric store, Penny's, pet store for bird seed, and lastly the supermarket. The pooches get dropped off at home befre our grocery excursion. Freckles said it really looked like snow this morning at six. There was frost everywhere. I'm glad we still had covers on our outside plants. They are really not the kind that will tolerate cold. I think we were down to the low 30's. Time's a wasting so I'd better get a move on.


  • did you stop by the yarn store?

    By Blogger knitterykate, at 1:00 PM  

  • No. KJA's illness was all I could handle. Since I don't drive any more, my wings were clipped.

    By Blogger Gramma, at 12:28 PM  

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