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Friday, October 24, 2008

No longer fat

Early Thursday morning Freckles called out: "Who wants to ride in the car?" and you know who skidded around the corner of the hallway, slid into the kitchen and barked at the back door. Little did they know they were on the way to the "beauty shop." First stop though, was at the vet so Lily could get her shot so she would be ready for her surgery next week. It seemed everything was going well until early afternoon when Freckles got a call from Kelly and Vanessa that Bobbie was crying. He came across the parking lot from the groomer, (now they are skinny) She spread out some of her old sweats and Bobbie slept the afternoon away under her work station. They are beautiful, Lil's ears are finally poodle-looking. When we first got her, she had been so matted from no care, that they had to cut out the snarls. Today Sue is to come get me to pick up my new glasses. The doc said it has been four years. So, I'm not driving anymore anyway and I take my glasses off to read. I just didn't bother. This time SCAN covered almost everything...sure a lot better than Sears Optical. The McC clan has decided to have one BIG estate sale. That way they'll be able to combine three households of S T U F F and get rid of the clutter, I hope!

As Doug said Tuesday night: "It's down to 90" so we're having sauerkraut and mashed potatoes with bratwurst tonight. We're using up some of the Idaho potatoes that Karen and Phil brought back from Aberdeen.


  • Mmm, bratwurst. My favorite way to eat those is with fried sauerkraut&onions with lots of fresh ground pepper.

    By Blogger The Chatty Housewife, at 3:57 PM  

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