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Monday, April 07, 2008

Happy Monday

This is the day I usually rest up from the week-end. I know, I should spread out the activity. Both on Saturday Morning and today I had ventured out to go to the swing under the wisteria trellis. Garage Door had helped Kedj move the swing to the trellis so we could install our new glider on the patio...(just happens to match our black mesh chairs). Anyway, while Mr. and Mrs. Dove sat on their nest along the chimeny to the inside fireplace, watching, a pair baby doves sat on the swing in the sunshine. Lily was upset by the cooing noises, but was unable to locate the little guys. Their opalescent gray feathers blended right in with the fawn gray striped swing cushions.

When we got home from meeting yesterday, only Bobbie was their to greet us. We separate the dogs. Bobbie in my room and Lily in the kitchen area. We leave the sliding patio door open just enough to allow doggie access. Once before, Lily had escaped...she dug out under the fence and bushes to the front yard. That time she was just lolligaging around close to the front door. Kedj had dutifully place big rocks at the base of the fence, except one spot she piled up dirt on top of the rocks. Yep, Lily is a digger. We found a note pinned to our screen door telling us that they had Lily on their patio. Good thing we had bought a heart medallion to put on her collar that had her name, address and telephone number. Kedj went to the neighbor to retrieve the runaway. Unbeknownst to her the little black pooch slipped out, scampered away, and was returned by another friendly neighbor. Garage Door stayed for lunch yesterday. He piled more rocks (I seem to have an endless supply) against the bases of the fence all around. Lily only tries this mischied when we are both gone.

I'm almost finished the collection of recipes for Knittery to put into booklet form. I'm working on salads from way back during the depression. So far only Tara has responded with her choice. Anybody our there in cyberland have any requests?

Even though I have my bed made and the kitchen back in order, I'd better get back to finishing some writing. I have letters to write too. Only then will I venture back to knitting finishing. I have a big plastic in the bottom of my closet calling me. It is filled with "alost done" projects.


  • First paragraph sounds peaceful. Can I come and join you for a cuppa?

    I like the freudian slip in the last line. "alost" That's where my amost done projects are: lost. When I finally remember that I have a long ago project I can never remember where I put it! Thankfully all projects are now in my sewing room and easily located.

    By Blogger knitterykate, at 12:52 PM  

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