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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fool's Day?

Good Morning All...What a way to start the month...we had breakfast at Seven Hills. A real bargain for we had two eggs, toast, hash browns and all the coffee we could drink for only $2.99. That means Kedj and I both can eat for just over $6. I guess there are places that charge that much for only a hamburger. Last Saturday we did splurge...there is just no way we can do sushi and sashimi at home. We do know how, and do have the mat to roll it in, also the seaweed laver, but we don't keep on hand the vinegared rice nor the crab. Just for lunch it was almost $30. We did enjoy it, the sashimi, especially the green tea ice cream. Saturdays I usually try to have a substantial breakfast before we take off on our jaunt.

This week we drove out to Corona to a liquidation bankruptsy sale at a patio furniture warehouse. In the ad they promised up to 95% off some items. We had seen a two-seater glider we thought we wanted for the patio. That way we could move the swing down under the gazebo. Alas, the mini gliders had been sold, so we went away empty handed. Could have bought some bouncy chairs for $75 each but decided we already had enough chairs. We stopped at Home Depot on the way home and found just what we needed, that matched the metal mesh on the two chairs we already had. Then because cushions were on sale that day, we got a big white magnolia print on a pretty yellow green fabric for our plain chair and our bouncy chair, and the new glider. (The bouncy chair is the one that has sunshine all day long and is where Bobby sleeps). He loves the warmth of the sun. At night he sleeps right in front of our little space heater in my bedroom.

Now for the good news. My great-granddaughter, Rapunzel, has asked to be baptized.
And my great-grandson in Marysville has happily accepted the Lord. Hallelujah!

This is prom and wedding season so Kedj is really busy at work. She packs a salad every morning because she has a few extra pounds to shed. She and her like short friend in Shadow Hills weigh the same and both think they need to get rid of 10 pounds. We'll see who wins.

Now is time to get to some letters. I really struggle with hand written notes because the computer is so much easier.

All because of Calvary,



  • That sounds like a good breakfast. I was just wishing yesterday, to go out to breakfast and lamenting the fact that our favorite breakfast place is no longer in business. IHOP anyone?

    By Blogger knitterykate, at 10:33 AM  

  • Ha ha! You give away our secrets here I see!

    By Blogger Mandy, at 10:54 AM  

  • Oh, oh! I didn't know it was a secret. At least I didn't say any names, I just called you short.

    By Blogger Gramma, at 11:55 AM  

  • Dead give away...I think that I'm the ONLY short person in SH. And it's not a secret, I just had to tease a bit. I'm looking forward to dinner with ya'll on Sat. The great thing about that is that Karen and I will eat the same and gain the same. Hahaha!!

    By Blogger Mandy, at 3:35 PM  

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