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Friday, February 22, 2008

To anonymous...whoever you are

For all those lurking, Good morning! Hello to my friends, too. We're having a heavy drizzle, sometimes mist, sometimes pouring rain. I'm so glad all the budding spring things are being given moisture in just the correct amounts. On our common side yard are some brave hollyhocks volunteering from last year's harvest. I think I'd better go out between raindrops and label them so the yardman does not make a clean sweep and uproot them. They're only about 5" tall, but already have those rounded, rough, crinkly leaves.

I just finished my breakfast: Poached eggs and asparagus on black rye toast with leftover (broken down) Hollandaise sauce. It didn't look pretty but the wonderful flavor was still there. It didn't really matter because my eyes are still somewhat fuzzy from yesterday's dilating drops which haven't worn off. KJA (do you know who that is) had the fire going when I got up. It was just enough to take off the chill and dampness of the morning.

Now I'll think abut getting dressed, probably in my pink sweats. For some unknown reason, when the backs of my lower legs, or my shoulders, get cold, I'm cold all over. Mostly I sit and read or knit all wrapped up in a blanket the whole way around.

Bobby, our toy poodle, was howling a sad, pitiful, lonesome expression when we got home from reading meeting last night. KJA commented that perhaps we should adopt a friend for him (yowee) because he is so lonely when we are both gone. When we tell him to "watch the house" as we are leaving, he turns, climbs into his bed and pouts.

Now we are into planning a Sunday Dinner, a roast yet! It's been so long because it seems wasteful to do a roast for only two people. Until now, I haven't much felt like having any company. If all goes well, we expect to have a total of sixteen. I'm really excited, but I promised to keep it simple, but ample.


  • Hollandaise! So yummy on eggs. It's that lemony flavor that's so good.

    Yeah, roast is suppose to be easy, but don't ask me. I, for the first time, cooked a pork loin with chipotle seasoning last week. Turned out not bad, if I must say so myself.

    Get back to me about that recipe list I sent you.

    By Blogger knitterykate, at 3:26 PM  

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