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Monday, February 18, 2008

Let's close this chapter

This week the Lord allowed me to experience a vicious attack on my ignorant actions and truthfulness from someone I once respected. Could this be railing? I accepted an apology. Even though I feel like a whipped puppy, it is time to move on, for it is water under the bridge. I always thought that with age comes maturity and understanding. May we be careful not to presume that we know what another person's motivation is. God looks on the heart. We can't know. I now pray for the wisdom and compassion to let the Lord lead me to serve in the path most pleasing to Him.


  • An aged sister may not have the knowledge that a younger person may think they have yet the older one does have something that a younger one in the faith does not have. And that is wisdom and experience. There is no fast track to obtaining that. It takes years of walking with the Lord to get and for that reason (among many others!) an older one should be respected and not rebuked sharply. Rebuked, maybe, but not sharply. There is never an excuse to act in the flesh-young or old.

    By Blogger knitterykate, at 1:42 PM  

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