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Monday, March 17, 2008

Her Ladyship, Lily

We wonder now if we have made a mistake or if we are getting too old to adjust to new situations.

When Bobbie went in to the groomer, he was treated well, got his winter coat trimmed, and came home looking lovely, but with a friend. Her immunization papers called her "Cha Cha" but that didn't seem to fit. Kedj suggested "Poppy" but that sounded too much like "Bobbie." We settled on "Lily" because it does seem to fit and she answers to it.

Her coat had been badly matted and soiled. The groomer cut short ear feathers. She is creamy white with an apricot tinge to her ears and tail. She is soft and cuddly, about a year and a half old. But she gives everybody kisses. Imagine waking up in the morning with someone wet whispering in your ear. She kisses Bobbie's neck, his ears, his nose. He does not like this at all.

We arrived home from Saturday's Shower for Jenny to find Bobbie quivering on top of our dining room table. Of course we held him and loved him and he settled down.


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