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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Furry Friends

Saturdays we sleep late. I didn't get up until 7:30. Freckleface was already out on the patio doing things to what we had stored back in the front corner by the chimney...boards, painted and unpainted, pots, shards, etc, etc. Bobbie and Lily had decided to rest the last few minuted with me. they knew it was Saturday so they both stretched out full length and yawned.

Bobby is reluctant to go walking with Freckles every other morning. He just looks at her with one eye opened. Lily doesn't want even to go outside. So they stay home with me.

When we adopted Bobbie we took him to the vet for a look-over. Dr. Ballenger said he looked to be about five or six until he came to his eyes. "Well, he's a senior citizen...he has cataracts, he must be about ten" he said. That was five years ago. He has been spunky and frisky until lately. Evidently he must have arthritis because he can't jump as high and moves more stiffly. He gets part of a baby aspirin with his supper. We think this helps him get a good night's sleep anyway.

Lily, at a year and a half, wants to play, to wrestle and jump around. She licks his neck, his ears, but when she licks his nose he rebels. He doesn't like kisses. The last hour both have been on the patio swing with me while our other roommate scurries around rearranging the stuff out here. The Spring Fever Bug has bitten.

Tomorrow is the Sunday School Treat in Shadow Hills. My two great-granddaughters plan to spend the night so they can leave first thing in the morning. KJA will pick up Roger for the trip. J and D will trade passengers and take me to meeting.


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