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Friday, February 13, 2009

The plumber

Now we have specialized workers to fix our sewer pipes, our drains, our fixtures in the bathroom, kitchen appliances, sprinkling systems. Don't dare ask the wrong one to fix the wrong thing!!! Alas and alack...Sunday morning our toilet overflowed all over Freckles' bathroom. We called "Rotorooter" I don't even care if I misspelled it. Lewis climbed up on the roof and rooted through the ventilator pipe twice and said it was fixed. I still get my feet wet when I go to use my facility...something is still leaking. Two gentlemen from the same company came this morning to check out the "repair?" and Mario told us the current problem was different. I asked why Lewis didn't fix it and Mario said Lewis did not do that kind of plumbing. Unbelievable. Guess it's like asking a Dermatologist to do lung surgery, or a Pediatrician to work with geriatrics. The first bill was well over $300 so necessissarily had to go on the credit card. Today Mario said $480. Silly old me thought that included the first charge. Ha, ha, no it didn't, it was in ADDITION to. I told today's visitors that I was a senior citizen, a very old senior citizen and should get a discount. He'd have to talk to his boss...Now why should I pay someone to watch what the other is doing? I called Freckles and she told them it was outrageous, that it would be a choice of whether they got paid or she could have health insurance. I called Bones to cry on her shoulder, whereupon she suggested I call our handy dandy fix anything friend John. He says he likes to keep busy, but helping the saints, he is ALWAYS busy just because he is such a nice guy. He promises to come by on his way home from painting another friend's house. He agreed, $480 is outlandish. Now it's lunch time and I'm hungry.


  • Wow! We just had the rotorooters into our house this week too. And they too charged an "outlandish" amount of $380 to unplug our kitchen sink. Because our pipes curved the wrong way his rooter wouldn't go down and out but up and over. Because he had problems we got charged. By the way, I wish I got $160 an hour! Even if it was for the first hour.

    By Blogger knitterykate, at 3:49 PM  

  • Side note: Two large bowls of chow mein does not "garborate" very well.

    By Blogger knitterykate, at 3:51 PM  

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