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Saturday, August 29, 2009


What a glorious feeling emerged! Freckles and I got busy before the heat really hit us, and armed with our oscillating fan, proceeded to clear out our garage shelves right beside the garage door. Oh what treasures we found! Oh what junk we got to throw away! Oh what potentials for our upcoming Peppertree garage sale! A little watering pitcher is basking in a layer of catsup to restore its brass gleam. From Japan, an iron trophy, bas relief and beautifully decorated urn shape is soaking away the crud inside. Stored away were some of my flat, bonsai dishes and also bases for sogetsu ikebana left over from the classes I took. So what happens now? I'm inspired to work again in these artful media. For whom? Well, the creations can always be used for presents. Besides it will bring back happy memories of the time we spent in the Orient.


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