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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Do you remember?

We had a very happy time "remembering" st Siam Garden again this noon. First there was lunch with the usual, wonderful care of our waiter/owner. The occasion was a get-to-gether of Marg, Sharon, Bev and me.(Sharon is here from her new home in Bonn Germany) in southern California visiting her daughter and worked us all in to her plan .And we did a lot of going back to the fond memories we have of our writing group. Some of the gang has passed away, and we do miss them: John B., Ira, and Marlene. Some have dropped by the wayside with other pursuits like Glen, Pat, Nancy, Jerry, Anita and Nina. Ingrid was out of town with Harry visiting family in Oregon or surely she would have joined. We do remember some of their offerings that showed much of their personalites and circumstances, foreign, farm, city, troubles, successes, children, parents and on and on and on. Each comment triggered another fond thought. Now I'm ready to put my feet up and take a much needed rest. Maybe I'll even fall asleep?


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