Gramma's Pen

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Since Monday is our new day off, Kedg did the grocery shopping while I dealt with some food indiscretion and took a short nap.She brought home the most beautiful cherries that glistened, smelled good and had my mouth watering, lots. My doc says NO fresh fruit or vegetables. I fixed that this morning for my breakfast.I just slivered the cherry meat off the pit and covered the bottom of my cereal bowl, added a half cup of oats, a sprinkling of salt and topped the matter with one cup of water. Then I zapped it in the microwave for two minutes. I added a bit of Splenda and a splash of mocha mix. VOILA!! I had a wonderful treat according to doctor's orders. I do not feel denied or unsderpriviledged any more.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


As to the few firework displays we saw on Friday night, there was nothing really spectacular...some caught my eye, the round bursts with a filtering down of sparkles. That was pretty. We watched from JLG's upper deck so had an unobstructed view. Perhps because things were happening in about seven different locations the overalaal presentation seemed lacking something. Yet when I think of all the money they were saving to be put to better use, it all evens out in the end.

Our biologist granddaughter brouoght her two puppies over Sunday night to get them used to the sound of the mini-explosions. They didn't even raise an eyebrow, just looked bored. Of course, Bently, Lily,O Jack and Jill had a rip roaring time running around the back yard fetching and rolling and sniffing and marking.

But the peak of my vacation away from home with LaLaLee was watching her create a beautiful collage of some of the fabric from Kitzel. A whole quilt had been given. It included dark prints (both ivory based & white based. Our quiltmaker immediately separated those categories into two piles and took off from there with the ivory tones. On her sliding glass closet door in the sewingn-work room is attached a curtain that looks like a flannel backed plastic tablecloth. After ripping apart the quilt, she cut the large squares into triangles, sewed each to a triangle of plain ivory. Then began the fun. Onto the contraption on the door she started placing these little squares. A captivating design evolved as she maneuvered swatches around to her liking. The completed squares are somewhat like that called "Ohio Star" with an added triangle on each of the four corners. She really has an eye for color and blending. Now I'm anxiouos to see what she will do with the pile of white based squares.