Gramma's Pen

Monday, August 28, 2006


Here goes one more time. This time I'll take it slow and methodical. Before KJA flew off to Canada and her Teaching Assignment, I misplaced my glasses. So the whole week I spent with RJB I wore my spares, the ones that kept slipping down my nose, the ones that were not bifocals and therefore I needed to take them off to read scripture references and to read the hymnbook. Shortly after that, I misplaced my hearing aids. I'm really having a time adjusting. Sometimes I hear quite well with them, pick up all the rustling and baby cries. Lately I've noticed, it seems they are like plugs stuck in to keep out ALL sound. I have been persevering, but then lost them. RJB helped me look. She lifted up the quilt at the end of JWB's bed and there they were, snug in their handy-dandy little black case. Hurrah!! Wednesday evening when I came back home I went on the wrong side of my bed to turn on my fan. You guessed it. I lifted the side of the quilt and EUREKA, there they were languishing bare under the bed. Problem solved. NOW, all I have to do is look under some bed or other and find the collection of recipes and lists of requests from NLG that I recently put in a SAFE place.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Saturdays we usually run the JoAnn's...toK-mart for feet for my Home Depot because K-mart did not have needed the supermarket. Of course, this is the time for Bobby's special treat. "Ridin in the car." He seems to know which day of the week is Saturday and does a real Irish Jig accompanied with happy bark. Yesterday he and KJA went to Long's and K-mart while I rode around the market in the motorized chariot. Then he stayed home with the "stuff" while KJA and I went to the west end of our town to the beauty shop. We were washed, she was cut and set, I got a real professional perm, cut, set, "the works" Now we both are BEAUTIFUL! Later we picked up grandson "D" and went car shopping. We thought we wanted a Honda Civic. When we took it for a test drive we discovered a very disconcerting flashing speedometer sitting on the dashboard. UGH!! Then when K tried to get out of the elevated driver's seat it was awkward...had to lower the seat again or squeeze out from under the steering wheel. NO GO. Since all the auto firms are located in the same spot we sidled over to the Toyota dealer and checked out the Corolla. It had everything necessary, even a sun roof. We all were smitten. Then the salesman said interest rate on a loan was 6.9% . Since K's credit score was above 790 he reluctantly said well how about 6.5%? We drove away sadly. That was just too much interest to pay. So we know the car we would like to have, we'll no doubt check out other dealers in Riverside and Temecula and I'll inquire at the credit union in Oakland to see what they can do.