Gramma's Pen

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hip, hip, horray!

Yesterday was a real BANNER DAY all day long. First off Freckles made me coffee in her French press. Bones came by as I was having lunch of a few leftover hash browns from the golf course restaurant and steamed spinach. (I do love spinach). She had a bag of sushi and miso soup, and sat right down and we chatted together while we relished our Japanese meal. I even shared my wasabi because she didn't get any. No sooner than I heard the garage door go down after she left, it went up againa to admit Ladybug who had agreed to take me to the optometrist to pick up my new glasses. I'm getting so scatter-brained that I stood in the elevator while she parked the van. I kept pushing the black button that said "2" and nothing happened. I didn't feel the car moving. I pushed open and saw I was still on the ground floor. So I pushed closed and then "2" again...still nothing. By that time Ladybug had arrived and looked me in the face when I pushed open again and found myself still on the ground floor. Ah, well, then I realized it was the little white clear button beside the "2" we moved up. I like my new glasses, this time they are pinkish plastic and a lot lighter on my nose. Because I didn't plan to go out again that day, I got into my nightie to relax. I was on my way to the kitchen toi make some popcorn when the doorbell rang. With my new windowed door I was able ti see ut was LaLa so I opened to her. She brought the quilt she had made for JRL and CT. It is absolutely beautiful...chocolate brown with pale blue accents. She calls the pattern Double Nine Patch. She also made a pillow embroidered (on her new electronic machine)) with some leftover pale blue from the quilt...her favorite wedding verse.

So, there you have it. Rather I must say I had it...visits from all four of my California girls on the same day. I am so grateful. I even got e-mail from my daughter up North. Isn't the Lord good to me?

Friday, October 24, 2008

No longer fat

Early Thursday morning Freckles called out: "Who wants to ride in the car?" and you know who skidded around the corner of the hallway, slid into the kitchen and barked at the back door. Little did they know they were on the way to the "beauty shop." First stop though, was at the vet so Lily could get her shot so she would be ready for her surgery next week. It seemed everything was going well until early afternoon when Freckles got a call from Kelly and Vanessa that Bobbie was crying. He came across the parking lot from the groomer, (now they are skinny) She spread out some of her old sweats and Bobbie slept the afternoon away under her work station. They are beautiful, Lil's ears are finally poodle-looking. When we first got her, she had been so matted from no care, that they had to cut out the snarls. Today Sue is to come get me to pick up my new glasses. The doc said it has been four years. So, I'm not driving anymore anyway and I take my glasses off to read. I just didn't bother. This time SCAN covered almost everything...sure a lot better than Sears Optical. The McC clan has decided to have one BIG estate sale. That way they'll be able to combine three households of S T U F F and get rid of the clutter, I hope!

As Doug said Tuesday night: "It's down to 90" so we're having sauerkraut and mashed potatoes with bratwurst tonight. We're using up some of the Idaho potatoes that Karen and Phil brought back from Aberdeen.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cooling Down

This week started off with a trip to the Optometrist. Freckles took me before going to work and stayed because for some reason I was feeling apprehensive. About an hour later I was prescribed with a 20/30 correction for my left eye. With a shrug of the shoulders Dr. Lane announced that the vision in my right eye was two fingers at three feet...a failed corneal transplant. It's a good thing I'm not driving anymore.

My #1 granddaughter sent me an address for an inspiring collection of recipes:

I tried the meatballs and spaghetti which made the most delicious meatballs I had ever made, really tender. Then I made the beef, leek, barley soup which was absolutely fantastic. It was really a no brainer because I just put in the crockpot two meaty short ribs, two sliced leeks, two sliced onions, 1/2 cup barley and eight cups of water. After chilling in the fridge overnight it was a simple thing to take of the fat in the morning. You'll notice no salt...I try to cut down so it will be necessary to add to your own taste. I'm still chuckling at DJ's comment last night after meeting when I said it was getting to be soup weather. Yes, he said, It's down to 90 degrees.

We've been having Santa Ana's so we have a red flag fire danger. Talk about California green and gold...we sure have a lot of gold dry stuff out there. It's time for my coffee RIGHT NOW!