Gramma's Pen

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

June Gloom in May

Somehow I couldn't settle down last night. Yes, I went to bed at a decent 10 o'clock, but tossed and turned. Then Bobby and Lily joined me and played hop scotch beside me. I went to the kitchen and ate the leftover asparagus. Kedj had tossed it with lemon juice and Butter Smart (from Smart and Final) and it was delicious, without the butter I love. We had Tilapia and French Fried Sweet Potato (in the oven).

Maybe the sun will come out this afternoon so I can finish painting the patio table black to match the chairs. I did them for the Bistro Shower for Heather. Now they'll match. We have new cushions for the occasional chairs and the covers on the dining chairs and glider blend nicely. Would you believe: pale yellow with a gray green and ORANGE big print. I even like them, even though orange is my very un-favorite color.

The yardman is busy cutting the front lawn. Lily is on the back of the sofa and has nosed through the blinds and is telling him just how to do it. I'm sure she would be out there supervising if she could dig out the pile of rocks Kedj put against the fence. Our wisteria is going to town slithering half-way across the arbor over the swing. It was really too cold to go out to watch the morning today. We usually have our wake up coffee there.

This weekend we have our fellowship meal after B of B. We are getting tired of our usual Caesar Salad...thought we'd try some mixed baby greens and some added extras. Does someone have any ideas to share?

It's time to blow my allergy nose, water the hanging fuchsias outside my computer window and to have another cuppa.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Last night on her way home from the shop, Kedj just happened to stop and get me a new printer. The sales clerk assured her it would fit my old PC so she bought it. We'll see tonight if it really does work for me. Of course, she has her printer right next to my PC is too modern to accommodate my machine. I have not been doing my "memoirs" lately. Kedj's laptop keyboard isn't as easy to maneuver. Besides, it's too much trouble to rearrange the chairs, etc. I'll get out my notebook of jottings and thoughts to put together. I might even get the last two verses of the sestina that's been in the works for such a long time.

True to the day...our star jasmine has popped its buds into fragrant blooms. By the calendar, it always blooms in May. Kedj had to bring in the Boston ferns because the mourning doves threatened, then actually attempted to put their next nest in the middle. We didn't mind so much when they used the hanging geranium baskets last year. Jenny and Benny Wren thought the crafty houses made at Pine Summit were pretty neat until they discovered there was no cross ventilation and the afternoon sun beat down upon them...they moved on.

Sometimes I neglect to check my sugar level in the mornings, then eat a couple slices of a really ripe fresh pineapple and have two of those mini sandwich cookies in the afternoon. I've been feeling pretty punk lately. Before I went to bed last night I checked...only to find I was pushing wonder. Today I'm back in the saddle and am keeping a chart of what I actually do eat AND how much. I won't include calories on the chart, but will watch those 1/2 cup portions and drink lots of water.

We're getting ready to go into the beach tomorrow night after traffic clears a bit...project on the horizon is a slipcover for the barrel-backed occasional chair and a pot of Polynesian Curry with fixin's. Kedj needs a break, I go along for the ride.