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Monday, October 30, 2006

In a safe place

What do a shoehorn and a garage door opener have in common? A whole lot. They're both missing, and this is a real handicap. Even if I wanted to go somewhere, I couldn't. There must be menehunes that spirited away my shoehorn. It's bright red and two feet long. I only use it in my bedroom, only in the space between my closets and my bathroom by the "steady bar" Coyle attached to the wall. It's gone, gone, gone! And, If I struggle and do get my shoes on and get outside, I can't get back in without my handy dandy opener. Kelsey helped me Friday...changed my sheets, cleaned the bathroom and looked under signs or suggestions as to what safe place I had used to stow away my necessary implements. I do not have a forgetter is working full time. What a quandry! I'm glad my head is attached, or I'd probably lose it too.

Friday, October 27, 2006


Over the mountain range to the north of us the Esperanza Fire is racing. JLG can see the bursts of orange sky from her balcony. And...they say it was arson. Already 24,000 acres have been ravaged. Lambs' Canyon is closed. Both T and S Mc had to come home via Rt 60 tonight. It is very difficult breathing. Ladybug had to use her breather most of the day. It has a humidifier attachment which helps because it is so dry. If that is not enough, we're having Santa Ana winds (from the Northeast). Four firefighters were killed, another is in critical condition. Our sky was not blue today, but dusky orangey-rosy-pink. Everything is being covered with whitish gray ash, probably a lot like Mt. St. Helens a few years back. It sure makes us aware again of the fragility of our life down a vapor. On another note, SAJ is scheduled for gallbladder surgery Monday Morning. She has been subsisting on oatmeal and a little rice today. She has lost 12 pounds in a week and two days. We do hope this solves her problem with up-chucking and pain. Ladybug plans to go in to be with her to help with BB.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Soup's on

Some 'bug' is trying to catch me. My nose is running. I'm running as fast as my walker can go. I'm guzzling down Emergen-C and tea and water. I even had dried lima bean soup for lunch. As soon as I knew DKG and JLAG would be back from Springfield I got out the crockpot and ham hock and put them on. All I had to do was wash the dried limas, slice an onion, cover with tap-water and let-er-rip all day long. I didn't even add salt as the ham hock was salty enough. It was done in time for KJA to take it to meeting last night. It seemed a little loose, so I reserved one cup of the lumps and put the rest through the blender. It thickened up nicely. Back in went the lumps. I had the leftovers for lunch with leftover green limas dumped in. It made a nice combination. However, Bobby claimed my portion of the ham hocks. I finally found some bread in the freezer...just about half a loaf...I couldn't find it this morning and had croutons with my scrambled eggs...not half bad. When I got out the top round for Swiss Steak for supper, I did find the bread. The "shower gang" stayed after meeting to arrange decorating...Chili Peppers, Desert Mural, Cactus. Cast Iron Skillets and Dutch Ovens, Old Suitcases, etc. I'm going to take a little nap and then will make the Green Chili-Cheese-Corn Corn Muffins for Matt and Carolyn's party tomorrow afternoon

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Today is errand the JoAnn' Long' Stater Henry's...and home again. Sadly Bobby has to go home before the supermarkets. I made banana nut minimuffins for tea after Sunday School tomorrow. Then I'll do the dressing for German Potato Salad for supper tonight when we get together to welcome Tom HOME. Keren's finger is healing. Just by itself it doen't hurt, but when she touches something it is quite tender. Our weather has been "Bright Blue October" Makes me want to go out to work in the yard, especially under the wonderful trellis/gazebo/overhead that Cupcake made for us. It all started when I bought a wisteria plant about two years ago. It is still in its pot for I needed something for it to climb on. Now we need to get some sand to layer to put the pavers on. I plan to plant some aspidistra around the edges and to plant my struggling potato vine on the upright closest to the house. I'm anxious to get it done so we can finally get the swing out of its box. Ooops, muffins are done. Time to get dressed and get on with the errands.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Whoopee! Jailgy remembered who I am. I am grateful. Here I am blogging. I almost forgot how. Thursday's reading session with the Wayfarers was inspiring. Some really good poems were read by some poets recovering from sad circumstances. JC read more of his treasure hunt . It reminds me so much of the Goldbug. He may try to publish it. While listening to the readers I nonchalantly placed my elbow on the handle of my fold up walker. It really was too high so I put my left elbow on the brace below the handle. Very comfortable, slipped in a little too far. I couldn't pull it out. Locked, like the time I locked my ankle over the towel bar in our Japanese bath room...all soapy trying to keep my cast dry. At least I was trying to keep the water from running down into the big garbage bag I tied on. I had to be rescued by my daughters then. I had to be rescued again. This time, MR and DA worked with me. I pulled, DA pushed, MR wiggled the walker. At long last DA remembered she had hand lotion so she slathered it on the walker and my elbow while MR systematically wiggled the contrary walker vertically and horizontally to slide me out just in time for break for the facility. I was wondering how I would manage with a sideways walker in the little stalls. My left arm is still healing from the huge scratch incurred when I maneuvered cutting short the corner around a rack of khaki shorts at Wal-Mart. I'm pretty good at the Supermarket, but the WM ride-around has different controls and smaller aisles. I don't want to go back to WM again!

Senior moments

Gramma has forgotten who she is. That is why she has not blogged in ages.

Dear Gramma,
I got on here so blogspot has not dropped you for not posting as you feared. Your username is that ancestral name starting with "s" (not capitalized) and your password is that place where you lived long ago, like a deer (also not capitalized). Please try again. Please. We all miss you, don't we?
p.s. You can delete this post or edit it as you see fit, it is your blog.