Gramma's Pen

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Yesterday JJ and CMc came over after our breakfast at the Golf Course. Each carried his handy little container of necessary tools. The project was to wire safely our wall hung fountain. This they did and it is wonderful to listen to the trickling water recycling itself. However, this morning I worked with Woolite Oxyclean to try to get up the spots on our living room worked pretty well, but it still is mottled in some places. A good vacuuming should help. Sadly, I could not hear the fountain from the living room floor; but now, at the keyboard, I both hear and see the gentle trickle.

Now off to my bedroom to work on two more trees for the "Starry Night" maybe I'll get to the back neck today. Then, off to the races, or whatever, I'll switch to the front with my myriad bobbins and knit away.

Monday, September 10, 2007


I'm getting ready to go back to our writing group, but alas, alack and all that...the group is not meeting until the 20th. That gives me ample time to put some long ago stories together. What will it be? Possibly the tale may be about the adventures Bubba and I had on our bicycles (we really didn't call them bikes). Or maybe I could tell about the responsibilities of a ten-year-old...scrubbing the bathroom wooden floor, or riding downtown to pay utility bills, or misty, rainy, drizzling day with slippery trolley tracks.

It is cool today and after breakfast I will get back to "Starry Night" sweater. With all the bobbins wound it certainly will be easier, and look a lot better on the underside too.

My English Muffin has finished toasting, Bobby is barking at the world going by our open front door, and I need my morning coffee.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Blue Sapphire Starry Night

The body of the sweater is done. I've started on the ribbing of one sleeve. But, the fun part of the sweater is the yoke...I'm doing the back yoke, working in the smoky lighter blue for night sky. I'm fascinated by how the shadowing pine trees are turning out. There is a pattern showing with 3-D ripples. It ought to last forever because it will be machine washable and dryable acrylic yarn. Freckles has already "volunteered" me for a friendship sweater for our adopted daughter...I can hardly get things done for grandchildren and great-grandchildren...but I guess it really matters to her. At least, with my hands on knitting I can hardly get them into the refrigerator...even with those lucious peaches calling me.

On another note, I want to get back to my writing group, the Wayfarers. I have a pantoum ready, but Freckles suggested I do more stories. Maybe I'll finish up our camping trip up the heritage trail, or the Bobby piece, or even shopping at Ross. It seems to flow when I sit down at the keyboard.

Not so hot today, yet. Our front door is standing open and I'm relishing the view through our new screen door. There's green in the plants and grass, even new sprouts coming up at the base of our olive tree. No breeze, but it's pleasant enough for me to go sip my second cup of coffee while I watch our little world go by.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labaor Day

One more time...
Previous lovely blog has gone away, somewhere...
I only wanted to view my blog, but that made everything disappear...
It took me back to my last blog. Oh well, here goes...

I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning, and that was an indecent hour because it was still dark. I rolled over and went back to sleep until 7:55. I ambled out to the living room and discovered the front door open. Freckles called out...she had been working since 6 a.m. and had finished laying pavers (30 altogether) into a lovely patio. So now we have a front porch. It had been packed clay-like soil where plants struggled even with frequent watering. Two white plastic chairs and a table have been placed so we can sit out and watch the world go by. Not today!!! IThe thermometer reached 100 before 10:30. This September has been hotter than July and August.