Gramma's Pen

Friday, July 28, 2006

Wonder of Wonders

My electric bill came today. KJA and Bobby went up to the mailbox to pick up our usual letters, brochures for trips to Alaska and Austria, shopping papers, etc. When I got up at about 7:30, she had already ripped open the message from Edison Electric. I am on a "level pay" plan, as well as a Senior Plan. It seems I've accumulated enough credits throughout the year, that there was the necessary yearly "adjustment." Would you believe? My usual $30 a month was downsized to $27 a month! I thank the Lord for taking such good care of me in instances like this and through the help ($$$), care and prayers of my children. Sometimes I think they are a bunch of knuckleheads, but they are out there for me. I am truly grateful.

I went to our Wayfarers' group yesterday. KJA dropped me off and Ingrid took me home. I was a little leary, because, with all the medication she takes for her depression, she slept through most of the readings. Only six of us were there. JB is in Texas visiting her little sister. Marlene is taking a class at the college in drawing so she can illustrate the book she is writing for her granddaughter. Marjorie is busy with Habitat for Humanity. She's on the board. For some reason this screen cuts off the first few letters of what I am writing. You'll just have to guess at what I've said. I haven't heard at all from SMc or DCA or JLG or RJB. The last times I've called them, they seemed too busy and were annoyed at the interruption of whatever they were doing. GG used to complain about not hearing from her children. I suggested she call them. She was flabbergasted. "Why would I do that?" Now I understand her viewpoint. While I brush my teeth at night, I just say goodnight to them to their pictures on the wall above my closet. Then, when I climb into my bed, I can look up on my other wall and pray for my grandchildren, one by one. Not to forget...on the other wall are some of my precious great-grandchildren. I'll have to ask SAJ for a recent pic of Rapunzel and her little sister, SHMc.

Bethalyn is here today. SCAN decided I needed extra help, so, she has been coming Tuesdays and Fridays for two houirs each morning. It is amazing what she gets done, especially things I have put aside to do "sometime later." Last Tuesday she scrubbed all the fingerprints off my table and chairs in the dining area. Today she will change my sheets, and do laundry. Bobby loves her because she brings all the smells of her three little dogs. Bobby calls, I must go open the door for him.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


What a difference! RJAB came over yesterday with BJ and helped me with years' of accumulated papers and stuff while BJ watched Animal Planet. There is still a pile to go, the health care, geneology smatterings . . . but the financial junk is under control and neatly filed in labeled folders. Heat . . . I'm told it was 110 yesterday. I didn't go outside. My new helper from SCAN came at 9 and left at 11 . . . My sheets were changed, bathroom cleaned, kitchen swept, living room vacuumed and dusted, bedroom vacuumed and dusted and two loads of wash were partially done (because of the elec alert we postponed drying). Her name is Bethalyn, she said I could call her Beth, and has three children, says her youngest graduated from highschool this year. I have the air conditioner going day and night . . . only set at 78-80. I'm working on sending family recipes to KJA because she says she has a special program to make them into a book for all to share. If I just do a few a day, maybe in a year I'll have them done.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

sugar sugar sugar sugar

Well, things were going so well. I was feeling good, had a bit more energy. Looked on the bright side. Have been watching portions with meals. Now, this moring...blooyee. My sugar is up to 310. Can you believe it? That's a fasting sample, too. Decided not to go to Wayfarers Writers this morning...maybe next week. Last night had rice, shrimp, avocado and a quasi KlondikeBar. Maybe my body is just shifting gears, what with my healthy life style of cutting down on the calories and carbs. Dining room table is still covered (Kedg and I still found space for breakfast). Only have one BIG box to go separate into smaller boxes so Jecky can help me shred. Must get back to the kitchen...left before loading the dishwasher.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Are you ready? My recent "vacation" in the hospital made this very clear...I'm not! After moving my winter things finally to the back corner of my closet I looked at my four file drawers in the corner. Ugh!! Everything from aging to zilch. In the corners of my bedroom were piles of important things waiting to be filed. While I was gone, Kedg had carefully piled various and sundry things (including old greeting cards) into a big plastic box. Long ago she learned not to throw anything away. Now all is piled on my dining room table. Jecky Bones has promised to come and help me shred what is unneccessary. Do I really need to keep State Farm statements for the past nine years? Anyway that is my project for today, at least to get and label boxes like: financial, correspondence, crafts, recipes, memoirs, Peppertree, etc. I guess the list will grow as I dig in. It's so hot already, but I'll have the fan going.

Does anyone remember Texas Tacos? That's one recipe I clipped from Woman's Day in the 50's. One pound of ground beef, one packet of onion soup mix, one cup of catsup. Then make regular pancakes substituing one cup of cornmeal for one of the cups of flour. To make a casserole for a picnic or potluck, merely fill the pancakes with meat mixture, roll up. Then serve with a generous dollop of sour cream and some shredded cheddar. We used to like it a lot.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Cause for celebrations

Hooray! Susie took me to see Dr. Hsu this morning and I got a clean bill of health. My color was good, my blood pressure was an amazing 105/60, sugar a mere 115 and there were no more funny sounds in my chest, and not even a residual cough. He checked my medication list and decided I didn't need one of the blood pressure medicines and when I told him I got tired very easily, he prescribed thiamine and decided I should exercise a little more each day.

We had birthday dinner for Boyup yesterday #21! Kedj went to Broccoli house between BofB and Sunday School to put on the leg of lamb. Saturday night I was allowed to peel about four heads of garlic and cut them into nice slivers. Jail brought her special potato casserole and a scrumptious spinach dip with sour dough dippers. (we also had doritos and potato chips on hand). Soup brought a special green salad of romaine and spinach. Cupcake made his famous bean dip...not too spicy this time. I added some frozen peas, mint jelly and some rolls. On request Jecky Bones made turtle cake and her ever resourceful better half brought out ice cream and Martinellis. I behaved and stayed out of the kitchen. Number one son helped set the table and poured water. Number two son went to Mexico with Dug and family. Number three son unpackaged the rolls and put them on cookie trays. Daughter dear put ice in goblets and continued to set table. Everyone did a little one had to work too hard. Wish you all could have been with us.

Best of all, I feel good.