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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Whoopee! Jailgy remembered who I am. I am grateful. Here I am blogging. I almost forgot how. Thursday's reading session with the Wayfarers was inspiring. Some really good poems were read by some poets recovering from sad circumstances. JC read more of his treasure hunt . It reminds me so much of the Goldbug. He may try to publish it. While listening to the readers I nonchalantly placed my elbow on the handle of my fold up walker. It really was too high so I put my left elbow on the brace below the handle. Very comfortable, slipped in a little too far. I couldn't pull it out. Locked, like the time I locked my ankle over the towel bar in our Japanese bath room...all soapy trying to keep my cast dry. At least I was trying to keep the water from running down into the big garbage bag I tied on. I had to be rescued by my daughters then. I had to be rescued again. This time, MR and DA worked with me. I pulled, DA pushed, MR wiggled the walker. At long last DA remembered she had hand lotion so she slathered it on the walker and my elbow while MR systematically wiggled the contrary walker vertically and horizontally to slide me out just in time for break for the facility. I was wondering how I would manage with a sideways walker in the little stalls. My left arm is still healing from the huge scratch incurred when I maneuvered cutting short the corner around a rack of khaki shorts at Wal-Mart. I'm pretty good at the Supermarket, but the WM ride-around has different controls and smaller aisles. I don't want to go back to WM again!


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