Gramma's Pen

Monday, November 27, 2006


Just one red berry
Clinging to a leafless twig
Winter's coming soon

Pale sunlit morning
Nary a cloud floats by us
Quiet as we wake

Barbecue odors
Wafting into our back yard
Hunger increases

Fireplace flickering
Toasty mornings with coffee
Greet the day with joy

Breezes tinkle chimes
Seeds scattered on the back porch
Welcome little birds

Follow red tail lights
Winding swiftly through traffic
Airport here we come

But it's a wedding
Jackets we need at sundown
Our warm scarves help too

We hear traffic roar
And see cars line upon line
While smelling fumes

I feel gentle breeze
Tickle my cheek and then go
To play somewhere else

Slumber, dream away
Erase those cares from your brow
Awake soon refreshed

Now getting older
Is not very important
Enjoy each moment


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