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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I just finished lunch of consomme and grapes before I went out to water. I know, I'm a little late, but I wanted to get Ladybug's ham bone in the crockpot with beans and an onion before I went outside. I like to clean up the kitchen before I leave it, too. Now, since DaBu helped us move our furniture around, switching dining stuff and computer stuff, I'm much happier. You can't see all the computer paraphenalia from the front door. Then too, we've been eating outside on the patio, it's so pleasant in the morning with all the birds flittering about teaching their youngin's and in the late afternoon we have that ever ready breeze wafting in from the west. That blows whatever flies we might have, clear into the next county.

The trickle of the fountain is tickling my ears. His highness, Bobby is stretched out on the porch swing. But, to get to the bones. SAVE THEM! Keep a large container in the fridge and fill it with leftover chicken bones and skin. When you have steak (ha ha) keep those bones, along with pork chop bones in a separate container. When you have enough, put chicken bones and skin in a large pot. Cover with water and simmer with a quartered onion, for about an hour. Remove the bones. Strain the broth. Put in a large square round Tupperware, cover and refrigerate. The next day, or the next, turn out onto a large bowl. It will be stiff. Scrape off ALL the fat and discard. Cut gelatinized remainder into cubes and enjoy a wholesome, good for you, low calorie "soup" or, if you'd rather, continue on by adding noodles and vegetables, heat it for supper. Rice is a good addition instead of the noodles (even if leftovers hardened, they'll soften). Let's get to the beef and pork bones. When an ample supply has accumulated, spread them all on a broiler pan and bake for about an hour in s 300 degree oven. That is the secret of rich brown favor. Transfer bones to a large pot. Cover with water and simmer away for another hour. Skim while cooking or just wait and strain when you take them off the stove. Again, throw away the bones. Refrigerate overnight, then remove the fat that has risen to the top and hardened. This also is a good consumme. But,it makes a good base for gravy or barley soup,too.

This week I started a sourdough starter. I'm having so much fun with the bread machine Aquila used to use. Jeannette says he has retired from being the family baker. Afterall, he's only 91. 'Bout time wouldn't you say? Anyway, Hemet is not even close to the atmosphere of the San Francisco Bay area. And, what dumb-dumb would even attempt to make bread on a bright June day (no not June Gloom), but bright and sunny and warm. I guess I could have waited until another day, but I was anxious to try out a new recipe. The bread turned out to have good flavor. I have been enjoying it. It does NOT have that tantilizing sour taste I remember from the time we spent up in San Leandro.

Does anyone want the recipe for starter?


  • Highlight this site and paste it in your address bar, Mom. It will take you to
    or try foodnetwork in your favorites box.

    They are all pretty much the same; two cups flour
    two cups water
    one pkg yeast

    By Blogger Kedge, at 7:45 AM  

  • Yes, please. I want your recipe.

    I have chicken stock in my freezer from the chicken we had a conference thanks to "gramma c". What do you make for a family that does not like soup? I love to eat soup but it would go to waste if I made it for my family. Maybe I could make it for Sunday nite at the meeting room? Any suggestions? (I have a carrot soup recipe.)

    By Blogger knitterykate, at 10:51 AM  

  • Can I see pics of your new computer station set up?

    By Blogger knitterykate, at 10:52 AM  

  • thanks for the stock post! I can bookmark this now and come back to it when I don't feel so intimidated (I know, I shouldn't be afraid of some silly old soup bones but I am!). Toby always wants me to learn how to make gravy but I keep giving up. Next time I will try harder and refer to this post. :)

    By Blogger SAJ, at 11:33 AM  

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