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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Under under the Counter

We had a great time at breakfast at Seven Hills Golf Course. The price is right ($2.59) and we were seated off in the side room since all the little tables were occupied. Since Mike sold M. T's and moved back to Michigan, Tina, his old cashier and general handygirl has moved over to be cashier at 7Hills. Hence we get preferential treatment. There were five of us today: JJ, DJ. CMc, KJ and me.

Under...under...under the counter. Yeah, Man! Tomorrow is the big day when our poured to measure Corian counter-top is to be installed. Our good friend and general fix-it man has come to help us out. Used to be we had our good friend CMc come and do all that needed doing. Right now he is recovering from surgery and taking it kinda easy. Still he comes and volunteers what he can do anyway. JJ is on the spot. In taking the bull by the horns after Cupcake and Trucker crow-barred the old counter off, the measuring man suggested we install "cleets" to hold up the back of the counter. His description was a plain 3" board nailed to the studs on the wall. This JJ did. A little pressure on the "floor" of the cabinet showed said particle board floor to disintegrate, and under the under contact paper was a solid covering of powdery black mildew. This was probably the cause of my morning sneezes and wheezes and nose drippings. No doubt this infiltration was caused by a leaking pipe under the sink. Right now I'm closed in the living room with Bobby since he and JJ are NOT particular friends. The floor is being vacuumed out and sprayed with straight Clorox to kill all the mold. JJ even brought his own vacuum and Clorox since he said testing my Clorox showed it to be old and weak. He also brought along some old cabinet to use to make new floor. Such a bag of worms. We thought the new counter would be so simple. We also discovered the disposal went kaput when we removed it, so that means a new disposal. This is something KJ has wanted to do for quite a while. Neither of us dreamed it would be so involved. JJ is willing and able to rescue us.

Both DJ and I went to BB's to work on JL's quilt this morning. We're on the home stretch, stitch in the ditch. BB picked up the old slant needle at the shop along with the walking foot. We wound the bobbin on KB's machine, since the slant-needle job does not wind bobbins. KJ keeps the ruffler hooked up to it for use at the shop.

JJ went over to Hilmer street to lend a hand to CMc to move VS furniture to her room at the nursing home. KF was there to help too. What would we do without the willing help from our brethren?

Just had another call from the Corian folks at Home Depot. They want us to move the stove. What more can happen in the 20 hours we have left before they arrive with the works? Time for me to sign off.


  • I'm coming to visit this weekend! Maybe I can stop by and wash some dishes in the tub!

    By Blogger secret agent josephine, at 2:47 PM  

  • What will you find behind the stove?

    I'm so excited about seeing your new stove. Hopefully, we'll be there on Wed after lunch! Yeah!!

    By Anonymous knitterykate, at 3:58 PM  

  • Same old stove...JL's old one. BUT we'll have a brand new counter top and sink AND disposal. The latter gave up as we were removing it from all the pipes, etc. JJ'll come back to hook up new drain pipes. Maybe we can do dishes in our new sink. Trucker said we got the old pipes out just in time for they were ready to explode.

    By Blogger Gramma, at 5:40 PM  

  • JJensen and GarageDorr are coming today to finish up the plumbing. uh oh. I hope the hot/cold, soap-pot/sprayer are hooked up straight. I don't want any surprises, thankyouverymuch.

    By Blogger Kedge, at 8:27 AM  

  • Mom I thought you could spell better than that! It's "Korean", not "Corian".

    By Blogger Captin Dan, at 3:08 PM  

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