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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Falling flat

Once again I am posting for my namesake. Amazingly that tech was right! I went over after eight hours (more like 14) and plugged everything back in and it worked! Both computers were connected to the internet. We were so happy. Gramma got on and started replying to everyone's posts and clicking on all kinds of links and having a merry old time. Kedge came home from work and everyone is happy. I showed her how to download pictures from her camera and upload them to her blog and then since things were quite sluggish on both computers I set them both to defrag while we ate dinner. Then Kedge and I went shopping for stuff. We got back and since she has to go to work, Kedge went to bed. By this time, Gramma has her second wind and is on her 'new' computer having fun. I get back on Kedge's laptop and try to get rid of all those annoying warnings she is always getting. Pretty soon I heard Gramma say, "Uh oh". I looked over and saw that white screen that says, "This page cannot be displayed", or something like that. I tried 'refresh' and all the other tricks I know. Nothing. I try to figure out what is wrong. I give up and go back to Kedge's laptop. It is still online. Gramma returns and is content to play solitaire. I have a nice time with IM and LKA. Then the laptop goes offline! What now? What did I do? I don't know. Neither computer can get connected to the internet. It is late. I go home. I think there is a problem with the virus scanners and firewalls and tell Kedge so on the phone today. Too much of a good thing, I think. Tomorrow there is a funeral for Bob Weaver. Then Ta and En are coming home for Ta's graduation. Kedge can do many things, but computer guts give her the heeby jeebies. I won't be able to get back to fix it until Monday or so. Maybe En can help. I sure hope so.


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